Our Activity Areas


Infrastructure - Industrial Structure

Our aim in our country growing day by day is to construct the necessary infrastructure and industrial structures quickly and firmly.


Cevher Yapı attaches great importance to the quality of construction in the projects it delivers and also works on world standards as security. Quality, security and time are among the most important elements for us.


A correct sense of restoration is possible only if a team of experts is working in a team. Our company has adopted this principle in restoration of all kinds of buildings and has undertaken the contracting of very important projects in a short time.

Abroad Projects

Cevher Yapı, which continues its success in domestic projects abroad, is carrying out numerous projects from residential to hotel, from business center to shopping center.

Our Projects

Based on human life, Cevher Yapı’s aim is to build a safe, modern and aesthetic constructions that appeal to every kind of income group and are integrated with nature.

For this purpose; The team has a solid position in the construction sector, with a professional technical staff, a professional team, a team of contemporary analytical thinkers, a concept of uncompromising quality and a more modern and contemporary life.