About Us

About Our Company

Our company has continued its facilities for 29 years, in 1998 as a legal entity and as a real entity between 1986-1998. Our company have a broad knowledge of Restoration, Construction, Industrial Construction and Infrastructure and keep going with human resources that knows the business, trained, experienced. It has been our main principle to fulfill our commitments on time and in desired quality, to overcome the projects that require expertise, to work with qualified and competent human resources, to work in difficult conditions, to act in accordance with ethical principles in order to be a leading company in the construction sector.

Activity Areas of the Company

The main activity areas of the company are as follows; Ministries and government agencies under the ministry of the Republic of Turkey, the state-owned enterprises, state owned enterprises, stateowned companies, municipalities, public budget departments, local authorities, building societies, private sector organizations in the country and abroad to tender issued by the building, electrical, plumbing, road , water, sewer, natural gas infrastructure, superstructure, restoration, rebuild or repair work to participate in auctions, bid, bidding, and to deliver the company to do the work under the contract by tender. To make all kinds of construction, housing office, commercial construction projects and buy land for floor and to make construction. Within the borders of Turkey and foreign countries, by the public and private institutions and organizations, to undertake a sealed envelope, auction, bidding and negotiation to get the tender to be issued with all kinds of small and large structures, any kind of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and construction works and purchasing equipment and material procurement related to these, and selling and turnkey, to undertake the construction of all kinds of public housing and sites, schools, hospitals, airports, irrigation canals, bridges, tunnels, roads, industrial construccion and factory construction or to undertake these jobs as a producer.

Finished Works of the Company / Company’s Financial Condition

Our company has carried out the works that are about 95 million TL (45 million USD) in restoration and construction works with its 29 years experience. The list of jobs are available in the file.

Our company has a loan in banks that is 25 Million USD thanks to its success, honest and principle behaviours and ownership structure.

The Company’s Administrative Center and Staff

Our company resides at Ziya Gökalp Mah. Yaşar Kemal Cad. No:1 Cudi Apt. D: 1. Batman, Turkey. Within the company,

• 3 Civil Engineer

• 1 Mechanical Engineer

• 1 Electrical and Electronics Engineer

• 1 Survey Engineer

are on duty as a technical manager that are graduated from prestigious universities of our country and that have over 20 years experience.

Our Mission

To be one of the most successful and best companies in our country in the field of construction and to provide the biggest benefit to our stakeholders.

Our Vision

Yurtiçi ve yurtdışında inşaat, teknik, kalite ve hizmet alanında büyük bir marka olmak.